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Friday, April 16, 2010

Guide for Learning and Teaching

Guide for Learning and Teaching Guide for Learn and Teaching the Declaration of Independence -  

Author: Joseph Andrews

Designed as a tool to promote Constitutional literacy, this book uses the tools of researching, reflecting, relating, recording, mastering the mind, and project learning to help students of all ages learn the substance and meaning of The Declaration of Independence and the U. S. Constitution. These learning tools were those employed by the Founders themselves and are valuable in developing character as well as learning about the foundation of America.

This guide can be used for group or individual learning. It includes activities, illustrations, and assignments designed to make the learner an active participant in the learning process.

This guide was also written to assist the carrying out of section 51230 of the California Education Code which makes it a high school graduation requirement to read and be taught the founding documents. A copy of this section and the associated bill passed by the California legislature is in the Appendix. This guide contains all the information necessary to satisfy the California state requirement.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Rediscovering the Ideas of Liberty -

Rediscovering the Ideas of Liberty
Softcover - 84 pages

Price $15.00
Author: W. David Stedman
A celebration and rediscovery of the origin and meaning of the United StatesConstitution.
Have you ever wondered:
  • Where the profound ideas in our Constitution came from?
  • What made our constitutional government different from all preceding governments?
  • Whether the Supreme Court has authority to change the Constitution?
  • What "unalienable rights" really are and where they came from?
  • About the real meaning of the phrase "a living Constitution"?
  • What caliber of people were required to create such a citadel of liberty for the entire world?
  • What will it take to hold onto our precious heritage of liberty?
Find the answers to these and many other questions as you Rediscover the Ideas of Liberty.


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