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Monday, May 10, 2010

A More Perfect Union - Education Packet

In this packet you will find:

·         Two VHS tapes containing six teaching segments (or lessons) for classroom use, OR One DVD containing A More Perfect Union (motion picture) and six teaching segments (or lessons) for classroom use.
Lesson 1 is a summary of the motion picture and includes essential scenes from the film. Teachers and administrators may choose to use this lesson to recap parts of the production, or in lieu of a regular lesson in a time crunch. This lesson may be helpful to teachers and administrators in considering how to adapt this package to their class.
Lessons 2 – 6 divide the full production into independent parts for separate showing. Each lesson opens with a brief host narration regarding that segment. These segments vary from 18 to 28 minutes in length.

·         One teacher’s guide, which provides background information and perspectives designed to help teachers with classroom discussions and other learning activities related to the production. Five lessons provide support for each of the five film segments.
·         Contains:
o        6 teaching segments (DVD or VHS)
o        1 teachers guide

Note: The DVD contains the entire movie whereas the VHS does not. If you purchase this package in VHS format and would also like the entire movie, you may click here to order it.


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