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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The New Ameican History Textbook

We have the new textbook for American History now!  I think it's pretty exciting!  Come buy your copy today!


Experience America's beginning with the Founders, including:
  • In his own words, Columbus being led to this land.
  • How the Founders discovered principles of liberty and freedom
  • The struggles and miracles to gain independence
  • The wisdom of Washington in setting up our government
  • Chapters arranged by the first 16 presidential terms – Washington to Lincoln
  • Dozens of stories seldom heard in school
  • Patriot Profiles exploring the lives and values of great people
  • A 45 page index of nearly every detail of American history
This textbook was specifically written for the next generation of Americans who will have to restore the brilliance of the Founders' dream for a prosperous, peaceful, and free nation. It contains 550 pages of full color, hundreds of illustration, photographs, and maps, to give life to our nation's history. Every chapter is linked to a web page where additional teaching aids will be added as research and experience unfolds the correct teaching of American History. This is a necessary study for the serious student in a homeschool, private school, or in the public school classroom.


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