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Friday, July 25, 2014

What is freedom?

I believe few people really understand freedom.  They think they are free if they can go to school, go to work, be entertained, and vote.  But freedom is much more  than that.

Freedom is having your life, liberty, property and other rights protected, it means the following:  

*You are free to earn as much money as you can and spend it without being over taxed and penalized.

*You can enjoy your full property rights, meaning you can do what you want with your property as long as you don't harm the rights of others. 

*You are free from foreign invasions because your government has a strong military force and the borders of your country are protected. 

*You can send your children to school and know they are taught the truth about history and will learn how to read, write, spell, do math, understand science and other subjects beneficial to their life and that you have a say in their education.

*You and your children can watch TV or go on the internet and not be bombarded with  pornographic pictures or language.

*You can believe and worship as you please, without government interference, as long as you don't force others to believe the same as you and inflict harm.

*Knowing that when go to trial in a court case, you will receive a just verdict.
*You have the right to speak your mind about any one and any thing as long as it is not harassment or fraud and also protest without punishment  from law officers.

*You know your government will be honest about what they are doing and not put the country in endless wars and debt.

"Not being so over regulated that you are not allowed to make your own decisions"

I could go on and on but I think you get the idea.

Freedom is more than just going to school or to work, being entertained and voting.
Many people in  Communist countries do those things  as well, and they still do not enjoy freedom.

Freedom is really about having your rights protected and being able to make your own choices as long as you don't infringe on the rights of others.

Linda N. Hackett

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