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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

What is a representative?

The dictionary says,” Presenting, portraying, or representing.  Bearing the character or power of another.”

In the book Common Sense,  Thomas Paine explains it this way, when a colony first begins, all the members can meet together and cast their vote.  However, as they increase in number and move farther away, that is an impossible task.  The problem was resolved the following way according to Thomas Paine, “This will point out the convenience of their consenting to leave the legislative part to be managed by a select number chosen from the whole body, who are supposed to have the same concerns at stake which those have who appointed them, and who will act in the same manner as the whole body would act were they present.”

The Founding Fathers said:  “The idea that naturally suggest itself to our minds, when we speak of representatives is that they resemble those they represent; they should be a true picture of the people, possess the knowledge of their circumstances and their wants; sympathize in all their distresses, and be disposed to seek their true interests.”  Melancton Smith,  June 21, 1788, The Anti-Federalist Papers.

Let me ask you, does your Representative represent you?  We have frequent elections in America so the American people can get rid of those in the government who fail to represent their true wants.  Do you want lower taxes, less government, less regulations, and government interference?  Do your homework and vote the rascals out who fail to represent you!

Linda N. Hackett

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